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Important Facts to Know about Planting Grass



            The crowning glory to any landscaped yard is a beautiful, lush carpet of grass; a view that can be enjoyed by any homeowner who knows a few things about planting grass.  While it may grow all on its own, following this foolproof guide can reward you with a lawn that your neighbors will envy.


            Many people may not be aware that there is more than one variety of grass.  This is an important fact to know, since different regions require different types of grass.  Once the proper type of grass is chosen, it must be planted and cared for correctly in order for it to develop into that perfect lawn of green.  So before you get started in your own yard, do some research to ensure that you do it right the first time with PlantSpot-plantidentifier app.


Types of Grass


            Where you live could dictate the type of grass that you need to plant.  There are 11 planting zones in the United States, which vary according to the climate.  There are charts available online that will detail the different hardiness zones, which show the lowest average temperatures that occur in that area.  Certain plants are not able to withstand freezing temperatures, meaning they are not cold hardy.  Planting seeds and plants that are not hardy for your zone will be an act of futility.


            There are also grasses that are available for planting in sunny areas and others that should be retained for shady areas.  Different looks; different textures; different needs for moisture; many situations need to be addressed.  Taking these features into consideration before planting grass seed will ensure that you will have success from the beginning.

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