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Problems of distance learning and the way to fix them

Let's talk about how to organize and facilitate distance learning
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Problem 1: The student cannot compare his achievements with those of his peers

It's not about grades, it's about performance in the classroom. The answer at the blackboard, seminar skills, performances at the conference, and more - all this allows you to evaluate your skills, the skills of others and eventually strive for excellence. And this is not the case with DLs.

Decision: but this is rather a plus, because now you can freely and objectively assess themselves without looking back on others. However, there are no indicators of where to grow. You can ask the  online essay writer to make a list of criteria, on which you could develop further. Or in general chat, ask fellow students to boldly criticize you on the merits. Also, be sure to find out all the ways you can get feedback from your instructor and the rules for communicating with them (a convenient time and method of communication).

Problem 2: Detached evaluation of the material

In traditional teaching, there is a chance that even dry and boring material can be engaging if the instructor gives it with fire. The emotional coloring and temperament of the teacher's lively speech can "infect" students as well, making it easier to understand difficult material. But fortunately, you have a reliable helper in the form of essaywriterhelp.co, which will not leave to the mercy of fate and will help during the period of quarantine to solve the major problems and difficulties of the transition to distance learning in USA without major losses.

Solution: accept the fact that information is just information. Evaluate it critically, and not by the emotional coloring of the teacher's speech. However, you can always find an author of a book on the subject who is passionate about his field and talks about it with the same enthusiasm.

Problem 3: It is difficult for a teacher to evaluate nonverbal indicators of comprehension and learning

Uncomprehending glances, long silences after the presentation of the material, questions asked - all of these can serve as indicators of comprehension. If necessary, say experts from write my essays the teacher can even find a weak spot and explain it here and now, giving new examples, changing the pace of speech and even the way the material is presented. DE is limited to dry presentation and control, because there is no such close connection with the students.

Solution: make a habit of voicing all dissatisfaction and incomprehensible moments right away. Remember: the teacher can't read minds and may not even see you. Help him to see the weaknesses and eliminate them.

Distance education institutes are mistakenly perceived as low-quality, even if the feedback from alumni and employers is top-notch. We need to work on informing the public that this kind of learning is actually a new stage in the development of education around the world, and not a way to make it cheaper.

Problem 4: Depersonalization of the teacher and students

When a teacher sees a student, he sees a personality with his own merits and drawbacks, problems and life situations, peculiarities of assimilation of information. All this allows for an individual approach to each student, unlike the freeessaywriter, who finds an approach to each student And here are the main difficulties of distance learning.

In DLs, students are perceived as objects, a common mass. This creates certain psychological problems in the organization of effective distance learning.

Solution: learn to see your own advantages here. For example, the teacher does not know you, which means that hardly anyone will deliberately "fail" at the exam. Treatment of all will be equal. And this creates a more psychologically calm environment for students.

Problem 5: the temptation of non-self-study and poor control over homework

The lack of personal contact and communication leads to a student ceasing to see the meaning and value in doing work independently. And the teacher doesn't have the ability to check students' work well enough.

Solution: here you just need to mature and understand that you need to study in the first place, and only with self-study will the necessary knowledge be deposited in your head. Well, if once a year you need help on the side, the knowledge is not affected.

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After you purchase tickets you'll get instructions and a link to attend the event online.