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When writing a reflective essay, you are typically required to provide feedback and reflection on a certain life experience of yours you can pay someone to write my paper or you can write it by yourself. This experience may be either a summer vacation, a university course, or an event that turned out to be of personal significance to you. Read on those tips and find out how to handle your reflective essay writing efficiently.

Reflective Essay Writing: Questions to Answer

In order to write a good reflective essay, it is necessary to understand clearly what issues is deals with and which questions should be raised in it. Typically, your task when writing a reflective essay will be in this or that way connected with answering the following possible questions:

What were the special features of experience you went through?
What was the significance of the experience for your personally?
What was the significance of the experience for the others?
Were the goals achieved?
What would you change if you got another chance?
How can the gained experience be applied in your future activities? Etc.

Reflective Essay Writing: Organizing the Paper

Reflective essay writing is a perfect opportunity to realize the standard introduction-body-conclusion scheme. Having defined the answers to the above listed questions, set down to reflective essay writing according to the following scheme:

Introduction: introduce the case to the reader, describe the experience; express a backward-looking issue in a thesis;
Body: write separate paragraphs, each discussing one idea at a time; use examples, and details;
Conclusion: generally summarize what you have said in your reflective essay writing and provide implication of the experience for your present and future life.
Follow this simple advice and make your reflective essay writing enjoyable and efficient!

Tips to motivate your child to do homework

Parents do a lot of work for their children. The most important of them is to complete the homework of the children.
It is a reality that children do not want to do their homework and parents want their children to have their children complete their homework on time. So that they did not have to supervise. Every parent wants to teach their children that they should be raised internally and they should focus on fulfilling their work and be proud of their work.

Parents want to encourage their children to do their homework throughout the whole world. But there are many ways to help your kids to do regular homework. Some parents need to change their bipartisan to encourage their children to do homework. But there is nothing to worry about; it is not a very difficult task, it’s just about a moment. Make a habit of doing homework and prepare its program, think about clear expectations, rewards and results, and look at homework positively.

Parents should choose a quiet place to do homework to their children and try to calm the atmosphere there. Keep such a place away from TV and other entertainment resources. Do not make such a place a place of more traffic.

Establish separate space for each child, so that all children do not have any obstacles while doing their homework.

Make a special free time for homework. According to a rule, make the child irresponsible. When the child has to do written or oral homework then keep away from those technological tools, such as computers. If the child has to type his homework on the machine, then you can give your child a computer.

Ensure that when children are doing their homework, they have all the necessary ingredients such as Pan, Pencil, Calculator, etc.
Parents make a routine for your child’s homework. It will help you to complete your homework for your kids. The time of sports junk should also set for the children in the program that you have prepared so that your kids can get a break to complete their homework.

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