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If you're new to CBD products, we've been writing a series of articles highlighting the top-rated CBD products for sale. Today, we're spotlighting CBD capsules, the most popular type of CBD product out there today. If you have any doubts about the benefits of CBD, we encourage you to keep reading. You'll find that CBD is among the most effective and safest way to treat many common diseases and disorders, including depression, anxiety, epilepsy, chronic pain, migraines, sleep issues, and much more.

For centuries, people have ingested CBD in tea or oil for various medicinal purposes. Today, it's easier than ever to purchase CBD products in capsule form for personal use. The trick is choosing the best brands. Luckily, we've been doing research, testing, and covering the best brands on our list. Here's one thing to look for when shopping for CBD products online.

First, always look for a brand that uses pure, organic CBD and not just CBD oil. Pure CBD is higher in CBD concentrations and it has fewer contaminants than its oil-based competitors. A good brand will use all-natural ingredients such as organic palm oil, essential vitamins, and other plant extracts. Companies on our list that only use CBD oil in their products are not as trustworthy, so stick to those who use 100% natural ingredients with no preservatives or pesticides.

Second, look for companies that use third-party lab results to assess their CBD content. In addition to using a third-party lab, the highest quality products also use other independent testing methods, including double-blind testing and independent review by the Autism Research Center. Companies that won't disclose their third-party test results are probably not the best products to invest in. Also, don't invest in products that use generic CBD as the main ingredient. While CBD grown in the third-party lab may produce results worthy of marketing hype, real, usable CBD comes from plants grown in the home garden. Genuine, usable CBD can be found in many of the world's best-tasting home-grown vegetables and flowers.

Third, look for products that contain only plant-based ingredients grown without the use of pesticides. While it's true that CBD grown in the lab doesn't contain pesticides, many plants contain them and they can cause side effects in people who are sensitive to them. Look for products that don't use pesticides and insecticides on their raw CBD. In addition to avoiding pesticides, you want to avoid CBD that contains 'essential oils'. While many of the compounds in nature have medical value, most contain strong fragrance oils that may be toxic or even carcinogenic when applied to the skin. Avoid products with any 'essential oils' and look for a CBD product that uses raw, whole plant CBD.

Finally, consider the manufacturing process used to grow CBD. Products derived from 'clones' are likely to contain pesticides, herbicides, or mold spores. Such products are likely to cause serious health problems for anyone who ingests them. The best choice is a CBD capsule that is grown under organic standards, using third-party lab testing that verifies the absence of contaminants. Look for a company that grows its own CBD without the use of pesticides, insecticides, or mold spores. If you buy CBD online, look for a company that sends its CBD directly to your home.

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Santa Monica Convention Center
1915 Ocean Way,
Santa Monica, CA 90405