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Live Painting Exhibition
insert_invitation Fri, Jul 11, 2014 5:00 PM (CDT)
location_on Des Moines Social Club, Des Moines, Iowa
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Map of Des Moines Social Club
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Des Moines Social Club
900 Mulberry St
Des Moines, Iowa 50309

Correct Flow 3: Better known as Color Codes kicks off July 11 & 12, 2014 as an ALL AGES 2 Day exhibition of creativity and artistic talent, featuring characters, traditional and newschool letter pieces, backgrounds and full scale productions created start-to-finish, on site, by hand selected graffiti writers & artists from various parts of the U.S. A number of widely known crews and organizations will be represented most vividly in this event, including KD, ICR, MSK, TAC, RK, CBS, Universal Zulu Nation, Scarce Elementz, NTC, TNR, MOR and more.

A spray can is the ONLY permitted medium, and while there will be complete creative freedom in creating their own imagery and concepts, all participants MUST utilize two of the same "Coded Colors," as part of their color palette, leaving an overall cohesive vibe for the public to connect with. 

Live turntablism, MPC production, select trueschool hip hop acts, along with an open BBOY cypher provides the backdrop on both days.  Cypher prizes will go to bboys/bgirls catching wreck the hardest in the cypher. Youth painting workshops, (included with the cost of admission) will be made available to the public AT 12:30-2pm on Day 2 from LETER (Scarce Elementz) & LIVER (DVC).

Day 1 - 5pm-10pm

Day 2 - 2pm-10pm

  • LIVE MUSIC - Hosted by Mane Rok

  • Dj TouchNice
  • Dj Episode
  • Dj ISM
  • Dj Tense
  • Dj A'ight 
  • Plate Tektonics
  • He.llsent
  • Stay Tuned
  • Maxilla Blue
  • Chris DSKUS10 
  • Max & Pore
  • EXO152
  • Jam ONE
  • Sonny Sonus
  • Adept


  1. DENZ (Chicago)
  2. DERSK ONE (L.A)
  3. GAPE ONE (Chicago)
  4. MAX S (Chicago)
  5. ALOY (L.A)
  6. LETER (Phoenix)
  7. CAUSE ONE (Q.C, IA)
  8. DREAD (Denver)
  9. NANOE (Des Moines/Denver)
  10. RAS ONE (Las Vegas)
  11. GASP (Des Moines)
  12. MAP (Des Moines)
  13. ASPHATE (Des Moines)
  14. MODE (Des Moines)
  15. GAGE (Des Moines)
  16. ZOMB (Des Moines)
  17. SAROE (Des Moines)
  18. DVICE (Des Moines)
  19. PERISH (New Mexico)
  20. SONE (Des Moines)
  21. LIM1 (Mason City, IA)
  22. ZEN (Minneapolis)
  23. LIVER (Phoenix)
  24. QUBE (Des Moines)
  25. ACRES (Des Moines)


Visit us on FB for a more in-depth break down and other details of the exhibition under the Event Page located at www.facebook.com/colorcodesmoines.

Still have questions?  Check out the F.A.Q for Color Codes 2014: http://phatescrate.com/color-codes-writers-f-a-q/

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Map of Des Moines Social Club
{{ directions }}
Des Moines Social Club
900 Mulberry St
Des Moines, Iowa 50309