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The strangest thing is that there is a power that is available to everyone. However, few use it as a basis toward their success. 2% will use this power during their hardest times to rise up and obtain everything they want out of life and during their good times when everything is working to their favor. 94% will use this power only when times are good and usually forget that it exists during tough and difficult times. 4% will rarely, if ever, tap into this particular power either because they don’t understand it or generally dislike its effect on the mind, heart, and body.

You see motivational speakers using this power all the time. Leaders of network marketing businesses even use this power to empower everyone in their organization at major seminars and events. Business owners, CEOs, Admirals, Generals, Managers, Employees, Pastors, and even the flower lady up the street have direct access to it. This seminar was planned to help those 94% of people understand that this power is designed to help them get through the hard times and get out of negative circumstances. This seminar was planned to help those 4% of people to see that utilizing the power that they are currently using will only cause an early death to many aspects of their lives including their own life.

This seminar was planned to help reinforce the beliefs of the 2% of people who have mastered this prestigious power. I’m not saying that this event will solve all your problems. But it will help eradicate most of them with an energy that is the basis to all problem solving and all things considered successful. Throughout this event, you will learn what power destroys and what power creates. By the end, you will understand the power that can be used to make all your dreams come true for a fuller life filled with love, hope, money, and relationships that will last for a lifetime.

No matter what mindset you are currently in while attending this event, by the time you leave, by the time you returned home, the mind you have will be a different mind. You will be inspired, motivated, excited, and I dare say enlightened to the truth that is life’s most precious energy. You will notice almost immediately the changes that are taking place in your life and have a greater understanding of your role in it. This is more than a mere motivational speech…this is truth. See you there!

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Manchester Grand Hyatt
1 Market Pl,
San Diego, CA 92101