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What are the causes a headache?

Headaches are pains that occur in any portion of your head. They can occur in one or more side of your head. The pain could be dull, sharp or throbbing. These could be gradual or sudden in nature. Headaches may last for half day or for many days.

In most of the cases, a headache is not serious unless if it is a symptom of a serious health disorder.

For instance some women who are experiencing their menstrual cycle or menopause may experience headaches.

Some may experience headaches while reading books. This could indicate eye trouble.

Constant exposure to television or compute could also give you a headache.

The cause of the headache would depend on its nature.

The headaches could be either primary or secondary

The causes of headaches are mentioned below:


When your body loses electrolytes and a large amount of water, you can experience headaches. When your body loses water, the pain sensitive nerves of your head may get activated, thus making your head feel the pain.

Dehydration can also tighten the blood vessels because your body may try to maintain or retain fluids. This tightening effect could cause pain in your head.

Brain freeze

One may experience headaches after eating frozen foods or cold food stuff. Hence if you don’t wish to have a headache after eating your favourite ice cream, ensure that you eat it slowly.

According to studies, the blood vessels in the mouth and temperature sensitive nerves experience a stimulus due to the coolness of the food. Thus making your head pain


If you have cold or a trouble of sinusitis, you may experience headaches. These aches occur because of the tightened mucus which can’t be released easily through your nostrils.

Tension and stress

High levels of stress and anxiety or tensions due to problem at work can also give you a headache like feeling

Lack of sleep

Staying awake for a lot of time in the night could also cause you to experience headache. Sleep is essential for efficient functioning of our body parts. Hence being sleep deprived could cause your head to spin

Withdrawal symptoms

Quitting smoking habit, quitting alcohol, reducing intakes of your caffeinated drink could all be accompanied by headaches.

Certain foods

Foods that have high quantity of preservatives may cause headaches. The flavouring additives present in certain foods may dilate blood vessels, thus causing trigger effect and making your head pain.

Certain dairy products may also have substances in them which could dilate and constrict blood vessels.

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