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In several cases, some forms of communication have to be kept secure to prevent adversaries, also known as third parties, from deciphering the message. This practice is called cryptography which was derived from Greek words “kryptos,” hidden or secret, and “graphin,” writing. Cryptography essays define the practice, discuss its history, classic and modern cryptography, its uses, and legal issues.

Cryptography essays should begin with a clear definition of the practice. Cryptography is the practice and study of scrambling codes to secure data that are passed into public or private networks to ensure data confidentiality and authentication. The history of the practice which dates back to 1900 BC in Egypt should be discussed next in cryptography essays along with the important terminologies that are used. Cryptography essays should then discuss the evolution of the practice from classic to modern cryptography. The different uses of cryptography should then follow in cryptography essays which include its use in wireless networks, smart cards, content delivery services, e-commerce, and health care. Finally, the legal issues pertaining to the use of cryptography in law enforcement agencies and its use in some criminal activities should be discussed in cryptography essays and presented with some sample cases.

Cryptography is indeed an interesting topic to write about, and to write quality cryptography essays you should make sure that you research the topic thoroughly by consulting reliable sources on cryptography. It is also very helpful to read examples of cryptography essays from to gain more knowledge on the study and be able to discuss it in accurate detail.

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