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Drugs That Don't Mix With Kratom

Promoting awareness regarding the use of kratom.
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Building 1
1439 N. Highland Ave #1015, Los Angeles, CA 90028
Los Angeles, California 90028
Taking kratom and hydroxyzine together can be harmful. This is because the two substances interact with the same enzyme in the liver. This enzyme is called CYP3A4, which is responsible for the metabolization of both drugs. When these two substances are taken together, the metabolism of both drugs slows down. This leads to an over-accumulation of both drugs, resulting in adverse effects.
When taking kratom and hydroxyzine at the same time, the interaction can be moderate to severe. This may lead to insomnia, depression, and other sedating effects. Other antihistamines also cause similar interactions. However, these interactions are usually mild. Taking kratom and hydroxyzine can also interfere with metabolism and impair the ability of the organs to function. Take note that kratom reacts with prescription medications so you should be careful.
Some reports suggest that kratom can lead to acute brain injury, including coma and seizures. This is a serious problem, and a possible side effect of kratom use. This is because kratom and hydroxyzine slow the metabolism of vital organs, including the brain, heart, and liver. This increase the risk of organ injury. If a patient is taking kratom and hydroxyzine, they should not be left unsupervised and should be monitored closely for any signs and symptoms of injury.
There are many cases of adverse reactions to kratom. These include fever, itching, jaundice, abdominal pain, and fatigue. There are also reports of liver damage. There are also reports of fatal drug interactions with kratom.
The FDA issued a public health advisory on kratom in November of 2017. The advisory cautioned against recreational use of kratom and stated that kratom should not be taken for medical purposes. The FDA warned manufacturers against making false claims regarding kratom's ability to treat depression and pain.
While there are no confirmed deaths related to kratom, there have been numerous reports of seizures, liver damage, and other adverse effects from kratom. These cases are reported by the DEA, which lists kratom on its Drugs of Concern registry. The DEA states that drug abuse surveys have not been conducted to examine kratom's use in the U.S. While this registry does little to prevent the sale of the substance, it is important to remember that the drug is not classified as an opiate.
It has been suggested that the primary psychoactive compound in kratom, 7-OH-mitragynine, has effects similar to those of opioids. It activates the delta opioid receptor, which is the same receptor that is also found in heroin and oxycodone. It is also known to interact with serotonin receptors. It is also associated with addiction and dependence. The same receptor is also found in the opioid receptors of prescription medications, including oxycodone, buprenorphine, and tramadol.
While kratom is commonly used as an opioid replacement treatment, the drug is not considered to be an opioid. The DEA has reported seizures and other adverse events with kratom use, including recreational use. The DEA also states that the demographics of kratom use in the U.S. are not well known. It is likely that kratom use is growing, but the true demographics of use are still under investigation.
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Map of Building 1
{{ directions }}
Building 1
1439 N. Highland Ave #1015, Los Angeles, CA 90028
Los Angeles, California 90028