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February 2021 Comedy Night

Comedy Night
insert_invitation Sat, Feb 13, 2021 7:00 PM (CST)
location_on Embers 1871, Peshtigo, Wisconsin
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Map of Embers 1871
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Embers 1871
W3529 County Rd B
Peshtigo, Wisconsin 54157
Headliner Scott Long

Welcome to a Real Reality Show. Scott Long tells his story of growing up in the Cornstalk Ghetto of Iowa and how making people laugh was the best therapy for an extremely dysfunctional childhood. Marriage, children, and stories of Midwest life are the focus of his hilarious show! 

After college Scott moved to Chicago, but for the past 2 decades the state of Indiana has been his home. Scott’s Dad was born in Detroit, his Mom lives in Oklahoma, and his Grandparents are from Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, and Kentucky. Is it any wonder he’s considered the Best Comedian at connecting with Middle of the Country audiences? Scott proves you can perform at the nation’s top comedy clubs and write for Network TV shows–all while being based in the Midwest. 

Scott has been seen on NBC, FOX, ESPN, and the Bob and Tom Show.  For the past 13 years he’s written the comedy sketches for the amazingly talented Frank Caliendo at the NFL on FOX and ESPN Countdown pregame shows. Scott has also written a book of comedic essays entitled Dysfunctional Thoughts of a 21st Century Man, plus released 2 comedy CD’s and 2 comedy DVD’s.  


No two Scott Long performances are ever the same, as depending on the audience he can bring completely different shows. The top online corporate comedy website, Gigmasters, voted him their 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 Standup Comedian of the Year.  



Videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz9UX3RvDxFFTQBoarRFJfQ/videos

Feature: Tracy Schroeder

Since 2003, Tracy Schroeder has been making audiences laugh.  


Does she have a good stage presence? 


You bet. This sardonic jokester sizzles on stage.  She grasps the microphone with deliberate ease and a confident smile.  She has skills: her act is polished without being stale and she seamlessly transitions crowd work into her material like the seasoned pro that she is.  She has a conversational style that is wildly compelling.  The crowd hangs on every word, waiting anxiously for what she might say next. Tracy endears herself to the audience with her subtle yet adorable Wisconsin accent, giving the illusion of a safe, middle of the road, ho hum comic.  But don’t be fooled by her innocent look and casual demeanor… this lady is a shark attack of sarcasm.  Before you know it she has grabbed hold of you with her sharp wit and drowned you in laughter. 


Ok… but is she funny? 


Very.  Tracy has a unique ability to find new angles to jest about no matter the topic at hand.  She has a classic joke telling style that never fails, with misdirection, one liners and set up punch combinations flowing in rapid succession.  Unlike many of her comedy peers, she doesn’t waste time with filler, she has too much to talk about.  Whether she is discussing her beloved (and sometimes not so beloved) state, aging, dieting, staying in shape, getting a new puppy or a wide variety of other subjects, she does so with the finesse of a comedy assassin.  She sees the world through a pair of hilariously jaded eyes.  She pulls no punches when she performs.  No one would categorize her as a dirty comic but she isn’t afraid to discuss adult topics in adult ways. She is not your typical female and certainly not your typical comedian. 


In her 17 years as a comedian, she has worked with some of the best.  She has opened for Charlie Berens of the Manitowoc Minute, Mark Curry from “Hanging with Mr. Cooper” and Kevin Bozeman from “Last Comic Standing”.  She has been featured on the Nickelodeon website, “NickMoms” where several of her bits were in frequent rotation.  She has also been featured at the Cincinnati Brew HaHa and in clubs, theaters and casinos throughout the Midwest.  The comedic talents of this saucy spitfire are in high demand. 


Tracy couldn’t imagine doing anything else for a living and it’s not just because she is too lazy to get a “normal” job.  She has a gift for seeing the hypocrisies in life and a need to share it with an audience.  She didn’t choose comedy, comedy chose her. And for that, we are all lucky. Tracy Schroeder is a comedian worth looking out for.
Tickets $10.00

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Map of Embers 1871
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Embers 1871
W3529 County Rd B
Peshtigo, Wisconsin 54157