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Lagers & Lyrics IV Songwriter Series

Hosted by Andrew McConathy, Drunken Hearts
insert_invitation Sat, Jan 13, 2024 5:00 PM (MST)
location_on Wibby Brewing Lager Lounge, Longmont, Colorado
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Map of Wibby Brewing Lager Lounge
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Wibby Brewing Lager Lounge
209 Emery Street
Longmont, Colorado 80501

Wibby Brewing presents
Lagers & Lyrics IV Songwriter Showcase
Hosted by Andrew McConathy of Drunken Hearts

Saturday, January 13th in the Wibby Brewing Lounge
Doors: 4pm | Show: 5pm | Listening Room Setting


Intimate performances by:


Bridget Law Elephant Revival & Tierro Lee 

Burle Galloway & Sally Van Meter 

Tyree Woods Buffalo Commons

Alysia Kraft
Andrew Cooney 
Tenth Mountain Division


About your host:


Andrew McConathy Drunken Hearts

Guitar-playing front-man and primary songwriter of Drunken Hearts initially thought a worldwide calamity meant the beginning of the end to a career he’s pursued since 2010. Then an angel of mercy from his past emerged, giving him a second chance to make things right in his life and his songs. McConathy’s story of give and take, rise and fall, and hope lost and found gets the personal treatment on Reckless Ways of Living, his new album.



About the Artists:

Bridget Law Elephant Revival

Bridget Law was born and raised in Colorado. She loves the mountains and the music that hails from them! Playing the fiddle has been her passion since her youth. She is a founding member of the group Elephant Revival which formed in 2006 and has toured extensively throughout the US, Canada and beyond. Bridget’s musical aspirations have led her on stage with many well known musicians such as Bela Fleck, Sam Bush, Lyle Lovett, Ani Difranco, Michael Franti, Little Feat, George Clinton, String Cheese Incident, Yonder Mountain String Band and more. Original music is her passion and she enjoys supporting creative people as they dive into new realms of music.



Tierro Lee

Tierro Lee is a guitarist, studio owner, songwriter and event producer. Tierro has been playing and working in the music industry for 30 years. As a guitarist, he founded and produced the critically acclaimed rock band Kan’Nal which released 3 CDs, a DVD and performed internationally.  Later he toured the globe with blues Legend Otis Taylor as lead guitarist and played and produced countless recordings.



Burle Galloway

Benny "Burle" Galloway is a songwriter, musician, producer, promoter, and artist... a true legend in modern Americana, Folk, Jamgrass, and Bluegrass culture!


Born in La Jolla, CA, January 1, 1958, Burle has lived in the mountains in North Central and Western Colorado since the 1970's.


Telluride is where he first heard and met the players who would become his heroes and mentors... Doc Watson, John Hartford, Norman Blake, Sam Bush, Tim O'Brien, & an older fellow who's name was Johnny Johnson aka JJ. He played bass for Bob Wills & the Texas Playboys. Don't forget Waylon, Willie, John Prine, Sid Campbell.


"JJ was my idol. Meeting him and watching him play bass with us young people. (Burle was in his 20s) He accelerated my musical mechanical education. I started creating songs, stories, and melodies that are now a permanent piece of our American music landscape... lucky me!"  -Burle  

Burle's work is revered by his peers and is held in the highest regard, being played at and around festivals everywhere. His songs are authentic, true, unique to him, innovative and iconic. His timeless tunes and melodies are known around the world for over three decades now. Folks say, "Burle's songs sound like they are 100 years old."


Music industry people, promoters, and venue owners/operators know Burle to be one the most well covered and sought after songwriters/composers in modern acoustic music and Jamgrass. 


Burle's vast catalogue and continuous stream of creations past to present has put him at the very top of his game. His unique visionary approach and appreciation of America's biggest stages with the most popular bands and performers of our time. 

The Ryman Auditorium - Nashville, TN

The Fillmore - San Francisco, CA

Carnegie Hall - Pittsburgh, PA

The Telluride Bluegrass & Country Music Festival 


His multitude of fans, his rapport with them, and his love for musical events, especially the way they bring people together to accomplish way more than just a show or concert, keeps Burle busy day and night. 



Sally Van Meter 

Sally Van Meter has been a professional musician since 1976, recording, performing and garnering recognition from fans and peers, including a 1994 Grammy Award. 

She comes from a musical family where her mother sang opera. Sally grew up in a “super classical household that also listened to everything from Rose Maddox to Bill Monroe to Jimi Hendrix, so a lot of different influences at an early age.” Around seven years old, she picked up a guitar and learned her first chords and when she could pick up an instrument and learn to play it, she would. “Music is the thing that means the most to me in life.”

The Instrument Chooses the Player. The main instrument most people know Sally for is dobro. “But I play whatever I can play for whomever needs it.” That includes a lot of rhythm guitar, five-string banjo (clawhammer and Scruggs style) and lap steel, and she “tinkers around on a few other things. I really wanted to be a fiddle player but dobro just seemed to pick me. The slide guitar made sense to me. I’m so glad it found me because I never would have chosen it.” 

Sally is fully self-taught by ear. Growing up in a fairly small, poor farming community, there were “few teachers, no capos for guitars, no nothing. From twelve to sixteen years old, I would just sit and listen to Duane Allman and Lowell George of Little Feet. Somehow I figured out - I don’t know how - that both musicians played to an open tuning, so I tuned my guitar (a little Martin 00-17, the family guitar) to an E chord. I would just sit with the record playing trying to learn all of Lowell George’s stuff. That was a huge influence for me.”

Just before she moved from California to Colorado, Sally worked at Shubb Capos. In notes by Rick Shubb we read, One day in the course of casual conversation, she said that she thought she might have been the first female instrumentalist to win a Grammy. She didn’t make any big deal out of it, just happened to mention it. There have been plenty of women who have received Grammies, some of whom played an instrument, but they were being honored as singers. Sally’s Grammy (the Dobro Sessions) was strictly for playing.

She was awfully modest about it, but I think that’s a pretty big deal. Maybe someone who’s historically inclined could research it for us. In any case, Sally’s musicianship is special. Any discussion of the top Dobro (or if you prefer, resophonic) players always includes her name.



Tyree Woods Buffalo Commons

Tyree Woods is a Singer/Songwriter born and raised in Muskegon Heights, Michigan. He first got into music singing in his Baptist church choir. Coming from a biracial home, he was exposed to a very diverse palate of music as a kid. He picked up a guitar when he was 12 years old, and hasn’t put it down since.


In 2006 he joined the United States Army and was stationed at Fort Carson, Colorado as a member of the 4th Infantry Division. He served two tours in Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. After being medically retired in 2014, he moved to the mountains of NW Colorado, and started a SoulGrass band called Buffalo Commons.


He's won several awards for his music over the past few years to include “Steamboat Creates Artist of The Year”, “BGE Songwriter Contest”, and back to back “Best in the Boat” awards. Tyree is honored to be a member of Operation Encore, and is currently in the studio with multiple projects, and lots of new music on the way.


Alysia Kraft

Alysia Kraft (she/they) grew up on a small family-run cattle ranch in Wyoming and graduated from from a K-12 school with eleven classmates she’d mostly known since toddlerdom. At the time, Kraft was a determined visual artist and a freakishly good basketball player who earned a Division 1 full-ride despite her (small but scrappy) stature. Beginning her music career at 22 with a very grassroots determination to bring music places it didn’t already exist, Alysia built devoted followings for projects The Patti Fiasco and Whippoorwill, and later toured and shared stages with a spectrum of icons from Bon Jovi, to Blondie to Bonnie Raitt to Big Thief. She released seven regionally-acclaimed independent records before being signed to sonaBLAST! for her 2022 solo debut, First Light. A fiercely community-oriented artist, Kraft is a prolific collaborator, producer, educator, and advocate for the queer, sober, and artist communities of Colorado.

Andrew Cooney 
Tenth Mountain Division

Andrew Cooney began his musical voyage in his hometown of Chicago, Il. His musical interest was sparked at a young age from his grandparents who were jazz musicians in their time. During his teen and college years, he played with multiple bands ranging from rock to jazz to doo-wop ensembles. After getting his undergraduate in music management at Indiana University, he made his way to Los Angeles to pursue his musical career.  There he went through the grit and the grind of the L.A. music industry. He wrote and produced songs, played with other bands and played guitar for a Motown singer-songwriter at Motown Records. After a few years building his musical repertoire in the west coast, he flew out to Denver where he met the Tenth Mountain Division guys and instantly a relationship was kindled. His musical expertise in both the business and theory has helped augment TMD’s sound, especially in his slick bass lines and caramel-smooth vocals. 

All ages show. All ticket sales are final.
*no outside beverages of any kind allowed*

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Map of Wibby Brewing Lager Lounge
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Wibby Brewing Lager Lounge
209 Emery Street
Longmont, Colorado 80501