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The Sales Presentation Workshop

A free workshop for sales executives to improve your presentation skills
insert_invitation Sat, Jul 29, 2023 9:00 AM (PDT)
location_on WeWork, Tempe, Arizona
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Tempe, Arizona 85281
Are you a sales executive looking to improve your sales presentation skills?

Do you want to impress your clients and close more deals?

Do you find yourself becoming anxious or nervous when you have to speak in front of a large audience?

Then attend our free workshop!

Whether you are selling to an individual or a large audience, having polished presentation skills is going to be critical to your success.

At this free training, we have partnered with some of the leading speakers from Keynote Speaker Agency and Motivational Speaker Agency.

In this event, we are going to cover the following:

  1. Believe in yourself. When you believe in your presentation, you'll be a winner. If you try to sell something you don't believe in, your presentation will fail.
  2. Write your presentation down. Go over your presentation, as many times as possible. Ask your family if you could practice on them. Ask them to be your audience. Ask them to judge your trial presentation, as if it were for real.
  3. Listen to their comments. Tell them not to spare your feelings. When you can take constructive criticism. You'll be on your way to making a winning presentation.
  4. Practice makes perfect! If a sales representative never practiced what he was going to say, he wouldn't feel confident. In order to feel confident, much research and preparation needs to be applied. Great sales tips may be closer than you think. Find someone in your line of business that you know has been successful. This person has walk in the same shoes you're walking in. This person has made mistakes, before reaching the top. If you listen to this person, you may avoid making additional future mistakes.
  5. Think positive, in everything about yourself. Think positive, about the type of person you are. Believe it, or not, your attitude, speaks loudly, through your presentation. If you think about, how you've never sold anything in your life, you probably aren't going to be a persuasive speaker. You'll look a little shaky, you'll speak unclearly.
  6. People who are about to give a presentation, may try meditating for a few minutes, and saying a little prayer. Prayer has been proven to be effective. Once on the news, a news reporter, done a report on how prayer helped many people who have Alzheimer's. These individuals claimed that when they prayed, they weren't as forgetful. If it can work for that type of condition, just think what it can do for a person, who is just asking for a handful of courage.

In order to make a great presentation, people need to have the right tools:

* Creativity
* Imagination.
* Know how to draw a diagram, and be able to apply this drawing to what their trying to sell.
* Believe in themselves.
* Faith
* Determination

The power that lies in each of our minds is where our individual secrets lie. It's possible, for everyone to give a good presentation. The secret is deep down inside each of our souls. It's the passion, that been dying to come out, and believe in its self.
Stand up, reach down, as far as you can, inside your soul, and believe. It's been waiting to show the world who you really are.
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Map of WeWork
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410 N Scottsdale Rd
Tempe, Arizona 85281