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What is Love?


Defining love in exact terms definitely is not possible for anybody as the very thing love is abstract. You can only feel it but cannot touch it, so, on such grounds, it is impossible to define love. However, some signs of love can surely be pointed out which basically indicates the presence of love between two persons or two sides. Some of such magical things are being defined here that denotes that there is love or this is love.


Respect- Having respect for a person is just a form of having a love for him. Not everybody can be respected and you will feel it for a person only when he is worth it. You may have respect for anybody irrespective of caste, creed, sex and age. The limits of mortality too get surpassed when it is about having respect for a person in your heart. So, the thing that indicates that you have a love (for real love try the video chat) for your partner in your relationship is having respect for another.


Loyalty- For love to exist in a relationship, loyalty must be there. For a relationship being healthy and long-lasting, one partner will have to be loyal to another and that will strengthen their love for each other. But the feeling of loyalty is a thing that comes automatically to you and you can feel it towards him/her only whom you love from your heart.


Honesty- If there is no honesty in a relationship then there is no love. To make your partner feel that you love him/her, you will have to show how honest you are towards him/her. Similarly, you too will expect the same honesty from your partner as a sign of her/his love towards you.


Integrity- You can feel integrated with a group, a family or a person when you find that there is mutual thinking and love between one another. Feeling integrated can be both physical and mental and it is mainly the feeling of being integrated from the heart that can surpass the distance of miles between two bodies.


Faithfulness- The feeling of faithfulness is an automatic and self-generated thing that comes to a person who is purely in love with another. Loving a person without being faithful to him will point towards avoiding a relationship that has no existence in reality. For love to be there, faithfulness is a must.


Kindness- Kindness leads to the generation of love or love leads to kindness. Both the terms complement each other and showing kindness to a person is just another act of showing your love.


Affection- Love and affection are like the two names of the same thing. You cannot feel affectionate to a person until and unless you feel a sort of love for him in your heart. This sort of love does not strictly indicate the love between two persons of opposite sexes. Affection can be termed as just having the feeling of care and concern for a person of any age or any living being.


Admiration- Love leads to admiration and only that person seems to be admiring to a person whom he/she loves from heart.

So, these are just a few signs or types of love that directly or indirectly shows the presence of love between people.


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