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. JR Blu Music, Inc. is a nonprofit organization established to “keep music alive” and use it to bring new life to the people and communities participating in our programs. JR Blu Music will offer programs designed to “speak” to people of all languages, ethnic backgrounds, cultures, and social backgrounds. The music will be used to level the playing field for everyone because music truly is a universal language which permeates all barriers and soothes all types of emotions. JR Blu Music will provide projects for the public schools which will enhance students’ learning and develop programs for communities that will incite social and cultural change, creating an atmosphere of peace, tranquility, and friendship. The music programs offered by JR Blu will help people from all walks of life to communicate just as the music will be used to speak to the hearts and minds of those groups and individuals participating in its programs. In the future, JR Blu Music would like to offer remote programs and projects for classrooms and community organizations in areas outside our immediate geographical scope. These programs will bel used to inspire positive change, enhance learning, stir feelings of optimism, and inspire unity. Our purpose is to ensure that music stays alive but also that it impacts lives for the better.