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Raider Nation Take Over Detroit

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insert_invitation Sat, Nov 21, 2015 7:00 PM (EST)
location_on Hard Rock Cafe, Detroit, Michigan
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Map of Hard Rock Cafe
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Hard Rock Cafe
45 Monroe Ave
Detroit, Michigan 48226


Here's what we're gonna do in Detroit! Nakita and I did a lot of research, and we've come up with a LOT OF STUFF for you to do on this Road Trip Rally!

Please read all the comments on this post to find pics of each activity. If you can, wait awhile before posting your comments, that way all the activities will be grouped together. I'll give the all-clear to begin posting!
Combo ticket for all activities: $55.00

1) GOODIE BAGS! Nothing says, "Wow, Nakita and Ken really luv us!" more than a Bag Full Of SWAG! Everyone who purchases an activity combo-ticket will get some "RCS" (really cool stuff) to commemorate this Road Trip Rally Party!
This is our fourth year together...it's definitely time for a little something to have along with your memories! smile emoticon
Commemorative pins, necklaces, T-Shirts (unique one-of-a-kind...trust me, your friends will snatch it off your back if you let them), with official city Visitor magazines & maps! All for you upon arrival!

2) MOTOWN MUSEUM! We have a GROUP DISCOUNT to the famed Motown Recording Studios, otherwise known as, "Hitsville U.S.A." !!
This is where Stevie Wonder, The Four Tops, Smokey Robinson, Diana Ross, and so many others first recorded what would become iconic music that has lasted throughout time!
We will be right there where Marvin Gaye sang, where The Jackson 5 debuted, where the Temptations harmonized. Just standing there, you'll FEEL THE LOVE and the joy that started out of those walls!

3) THE DETROIT BUS COMPANY! This answers the question, "Ok, so how do we get to the Motown Museum, Nakita?" Well, we've reserved a bus that will pick us up from the hotel and drive us to the Motown Museum. 
But not just any ol' bus! No way! We got sumthin' special for us! How about a bus that is painted over by Detroit's leading graffiti artists? With a rockin' sound system? And even runs on bio-degradeable fuel? 
You can't get this at home! The Detroit Bus Company has converted school buses (yes, school buses!) into an epic, fun, and TOTALLY UNIQUE riding experience! Started by a young entrepreneur in his 20's, this company gives their riders so much more than any slick party bus "bro coach" can offer! Fitting in perfectly with all of us wearing our team gear, we'll make a big statement as we let The Detroit Bus Company be our guide!
The bus will also take us sightseeing pretty much wherever we want after we leave the Motown Museum. I think a nice lunch spot where all the micro breweries and restaurants are, we can roll deep all up in there!

4) HARD ROCK CAFE' ROAD TRIP RALLY PARTY! The Hard Rock Cafe....they are down with these Fans! Each year we've gone to the Hard Rock in town, and each year the Hard Rock looks forward to all of us coming back! The Atlanta Hard Rock was very disappointed to hear that our team doesn't play in the same division as the Falcons, because they said (in writing!) that they wanted us come back next football season! You all make a great impression on the local businesses!
We have the entire patio rented out for our people. We'll be there right across the street from Detroit's Christmas Tree...in fact, the tree lighting ceremony will be held on the same Saturday Night that we're having our party! "Raiderfans singing Christmas Carols?" Is Detroit ready for that?!!

Amazing raffle prizes that can be won with a lucky ticket. And I assure you, the raffle prizes this year? They will be something that you'll be even more PROUD to bring home than last year's stellar selection!

5) PRE-GAME TAILGATE PARTY! We are having a tailgate. We are having a tailgate. We are, we are, having a tailgate.
That's how fans of tother teams describe THEIR tailgate. But with US, it's gonna be, "WE! ARE! HAVING! A! *#%@**G TAILGATE!!

The "Eastern Market" is where we'll be, a plaza where people can purchase farm-fresh goods during the week, and that turns into a HUGE tailgate area for everyone on Sundays! We have space for our group, sharing the lot with Lions' fans who will wonder how they've been missing out on how to TRULY PARTY at a tailgate all their years there!
Because Nakita hooked up a DJ FOR US! And not just any DJ...we have Detroit's renowned DJ STEADY! this man has been in the biz for decades. Current radio host for Detroit's top music station, and he has many, many years in the music and concert biz...ask him to tell you his experiences as Lauryn Hill's road manager. Dude! We got TOP-SHELF talent for you!

But how is all that good music gonna fill your belly? Especially after we sweat doing the "slide", and "nae-nae", and "whip" out there?
Well, we have Detroit's best BBQ CATERING coming in to cook for us! He brings the rig, he brings the pig (the WHOLE PIG), and all you gotta do is bring enough room in that belly to eat it all! 
"Stick-A-Pig-In-It" is the name of the caterer, and he's been featured on television and other media outlets. Highly recommended, the Chef is eager to show us all that Detroit knows what's happ'n with the "Q"!!

SOMETHING NEW & SPECIAL! All Activity ticket buyers will be able to download our special RALLY ROAD TRIP app for your iPhone, Android, and tablets! This app will have food menus and directions to our recommendations of local restaurants, breweries, and sightseeing. There's also updatable features where you can check for the day's activities' time, location, weather, etc (this will save you from having to FB inbox to Nakita & me for updates), a people-finder where you can find your fellow Road Trip people around town (an on/off button allows/disables it, of course), phone numbers bank, contacts, links to the Road Trip Rally's Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram for immediate access to videos and pictures. This will be a convenient tool to use, all to make things easier for you to enjoy the weekend!


Advance purchase required and tickets are non-refundable. 

If you have any questions please contact Nakita Porter at kita_red@hotmail.com




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Map of Hard Rock Cafe
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Hard Rock Cafe
45 Monroe Ave
Detroit, Michigan 48226