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Fully FUNKtional Presents: QUARANTINED 4
insert_invitation Sat, Sep 24, 2011 9:00 PM (CDT)
location_on Afterlife, Dallas, Texas
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1819 West Northwest Highway
Dallas, Texas 75220

Fully FUNKtional Productions Present: QUARANTINED 4: OUTBREAK IMMINENT



Saturday September 24th, 2011 Featuring: Magnus / Tiari / The Funk Lab / Burufunk / PointBender / Omega / Twin Shape / Gian Carlo / James Kelley "Once again our Test Site has become active, as our current situation has taken us to Status Level Q4: Outbreak Imminent.


The Four Stage Quad-Facility (Codename: Afterlife), designed to contain such threats, is now our safe haven from the outside infection. Join our Live Parabass Assimilators for a new stream of Sound Wave Trancemissions & Psyence, Progressive Treatment, Breakbeat Theory, In-House Minimal Tech Recovery, Dub-Cycle Therapy, and D.N.B. Research, as we will find the cure!


Before Containment from the last Event the Radio/Active Presence has spawned a new breed of Mutated Virus, and we will throw in everything from our arsenal to overcome this new Infection... Brief yourself on the new Mission Details and prepare to be QUARANTINED."




Please visit the Event Page on Facebook: Q4 Facebook Page Stage One: Trance / Psytrance / Psychill (The Shell) MAGNUS - Live Seattle, WA JOOF | Pharmacy | NODAT Agency www.soundcloud.com/magnus_official Seattle based trance/psytrance producer Magnus is best known for his crossover style, fusing together trance and psytrance. His tracks have appeared on CD compilations by Armada, Ministry of Sound, and most recently, Paul Oakenfold’s double CD album entitled, “Nevermind the Bullocks, here’s Paul Oakenfold, releasing on Paul’s own label Perfecto. In May of 2011, Magnus’s first artist album “Signal Strength” was released on JOOF Recordings with great success.


TWIN SHAPE - Live ??????, ?? Funk Lab Records | Kick It Recordings | UFO | NODAT Agency www.soundcloud.com/twinshape Twin Shape is a Live project centered around Downtempo and Trip-Hop, but within you will find a blend of elements borrowed from genres such as: Glitch, Dub, DnB, and Psy. The feel ranges between bright and melodic, dark and mysterious, to lush and atmospheric. The sound is constantly evolving and will keep you guessing without disappointment. Choosing to let the music speak for itself, Twin Shape performs live from behind a mask that can change from show to show, pulling listeners into an audio/visual journey of his creation. GIAN CARLO - Live New Orleans, LA Pharmacy Music | Funk Lab Records | NODAT Agency soundcloud.com/gian-carlo


At an early age Gian Carlo grew up in a eclectic lifestyle absorbing various cultures giving him a diverse background in music. Known for his lush but driving progressive sound, Gian has been pushing the tougher side of Progressive and Tech house to the techier sounds of Trance from top producers internationally. The formula for his productions is a fusion of techy, dark, tribal, and melodic using hard driving bass lines and complex beat patterns ranging from hypnotic, energizing, and dynamic all at the same time.


Dave Van Hook Jeremy Clay Chris Malhiot TranceFactor Stage Two: Progressive / Breaks (The Warehouse) THE FUNK LAB - Live Tampa, FL Funk Lab Records | Street Beat | NODAT Agency www.soundcloud.com/funk_lab


The Funk Lab dropped their first vinyl ep release in the fall of 1997. Through 95 and 96, they had begun to define their sound, fusing elements of funky breaks, and electro, calling it Funk Lab. With a diverse back catalog ranging from straight Florida style funky breaks to the darker, moodier electro, The Funk Lab has engaged a variety of listeners from both the US and abroad. BURUFUNK - Live Dallas, TX Shiznit Recordings | Armada Music | Journees Music In the world of electronic dance music Burufunk is one of the few artists who breaks boundaries and set new standards for the industry. Burufunk's style is one that is hard to categorize the best definition could be progressive, with a world of intricate abstract soundscapes that are almost other worldly.


Through a use of harmonious melodies and earth shaking beats Burufunk creates a unique style and sound that cannot be matched. His latest productions are some of his best works yet as he masters the art of production with original mind blowing creativity... Sideshow Mob Unkle John MxMind Maxx Heth Bon Spengler Stage Three: House / Minimal / Techno (Inside Main) TIARI - Live Detroit, MI Machine Box | Der Hut | Frucht | Digress www.soundcloud.com/tiari Tiari (A.K.A Trevor Caruso) tells a vicious story with his moody selections and dance tracks that give you no choice but to move your body to the rhythm. Born in metro Detroit he was heavily influenced by electronic music his entire life. At the age of 6 he learned breakdancing from the combined influence of his mother and older brother who was a big fan of hip-hop music. He has always been a fan of underground and punk culture which has led him to develop a deep dark minimal sound that has played out across the backdrop of a city that tells a similar story. POINTBENDER - Live Austin, TX Thoughtless | Musical Missionary | Harmonious Discord www.soundcloud.com/pointbender


Along the outliers of unexplored cerebral boundaries resides the sonic offerings of Grey Music member and Harmonious Discord label front man Sean Anderson aka PointBender. A project focused on thought bending synthetic manipulations and heady melody construction, the PointBender moniker provided Sean an avenue to explore a highly creative fusion of song creation and live performance.


After many successful live performances the pieces began to gain a momentum of their own and were later released as projects on labels like Thoughtless, Musical Missionary, and Harmonious Discord. JAMES KELLEY - Live Dallas, TX www.soundcloud.com/james-kelley Hailing from somewhere deep in the shadows of the Dallas underground this veteran artist, with over a decade of existance in the scene, is no stranger to orchestrating dancefloors into a late night mental mind f*&k. Influenced by dank dark warehouses and all night marathons, his weapons of choice span several genres including minimal, tech house and techno. He is constantly locked in the lab formulating a unique brew of sounds ranging from deep, dark and moody to twisted and diabolic so prepare yourself to get lost in an audio journey into the depths of your own mind.


John Walker Planet Doobias Allen MD Chaser Stage Four: Dubstep / DnB (Left Room) OMEGA - Live Denver, CO Tycho Records | Vital Management www.soundcloud.com/omegadubstep Omega is a bass music producer and DJ, currently residing in Denver, Colorado, US. His performances are a hybrid between a DJ set and a live performance - using a laptop running Ableton Live, with several MIDI controllers, effects processors, and synths.


An Omega set will always include many original tunes, remixes, edits, and mashes, with a heavy emphasis on live improvisation and manipulation. His energy and stage presence, combined with his monster tunes, inevitably whip a crowd into a frenzy of bassed out bliss. He has shared the stage with: EOTO, Liquid Stranger, Vaski, Eskmo, The Malah, Cold Blank, Bird of Prey, Trillbass, Roksonix, Virus Syndicate, NiT GriT, Calvertron, and many more. Travis Elliott AQ Langa Aries3 Dragonman Soy_Capaz Mission Details: You know the drill!


Come dressed to fit the theme and get lost in the plot! Fully FUNKtional has brought together some of the best Sound, Lighting, Deco, Visual, and Laser Crews in Texas to build a Fully Themed and Completely Immersive Environment for you to explore. Lab Coats, Military Garb, Hazmat Suits, or Quarantine Victim Costumes are just a few ideas. Be creative and have fun. CASH prizes throughout the night for most creative attire.


Below are a couple of links to give you some ideas. www.disposable-garments.com www.approvedgasmasks.c...lothes.htm Location: Afterlife 1819 West Northwest Highway Dallas TX 75220 www.afterlifedallas.com Indoor Outdoor Venue with Huge Courtyard Covered Stages Secure Paved Parking Lot Smart Bar with Energy Drinks, Juice, Water, and Gatorade.


Coat Check Available Inside Courteous but Firm Security and Staff Brand New Additional Bathrooms Built in The Warehouse! Entry Intel: Doors Open from 9pm-4am 17+ With Valid Identification Limited $15 then $20 Presales $25 Day of Show www.fullfunkpro.com For Tickets & Info NO INS & OUTS!


Get everything you need from your car! NO ALCOHOL / BACKPACKS / DRUGS / WEAPONS LIMITED Parking! Please car pool and ARRIVE EARLY! Equipment Arsenal & Event Data List: Lasers: Full ILDA Controlled Laser Shows Motion Loops Lasers_ Multiple Saber-7 (7-Color) RGB Lasers Full Color Phaser Plus RGB (Millions of Colors) Laser Fully FUNKtional_ 1x Saber-7 (7-Color) RGB Laser Inside Image_ 2x Cyan Lasers Sound: DJ Sound & Lighting_ 4-Stages of Tuned Sound 60,000 Watts of Total Power Lighting: DJ Sound & Lighting_ Intelligent Lighting Ambient Lighting UV Lighting Inside Image_ Ambient / UV Lighting & FX Visuals: Inside Image_ Dual Visual Screen Projections VJ Big Snax_ Dual Visual Screen Projections Decoration & Theme Design: D-Star Designs_ Multiple Custom Art Installations Lighted & UV Quarantined Sculptures Fully FUNKtional_ Environment Design Themed Stage Deco Inside Image_ UV Entrance Tunnel/Art Installation

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1819 West Northwest Highway
Dallas, Texas 75220