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Jacqueline Durbin In Concert

Folk Rock, Contemporary Christian
insert_invitation Sun, Feb 12, 2012 7:00 PM (CST)
location_on First Baptist Church of Downers Grove, Downers Grove, Illinois
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First Baptist Church of Downers Grove
929 Maple Avenue
Downers Grove, Illinois 60515

Jacqueline Durbin is shy and quiet by nature, but give her a chance to perform and she will show you her many colors - reaching out to those facing the hard trials of life with words real people can relate to.

Since childhood Jacqueline has been called to music, with her first love being singing. Her second became the guitar, which was mostly self- taught. Circumstances throughout her life seemed to leave her much time alone. Eventually, she started singing in bands and church groups. All the while, she found a deep satisfaction and comfort in writing and arranging songs, keeping them only for herself.

Battling depression and low self-esteem, which started in her teen years, made it difficult to bring such an intimate part of herself into the public eye. Eventually, she realized an intense longing to make a difference in the world. After much soul searching and prayer she knew she must share what was kept inside for so long. Her current recordings are only a small collection of her works. Jacqueline is continually creating new material and evolving as an artist.

Jacqueline has been performing at nearby venues, outdoor events and neighboring churches, always looking for opportunities to share and connect with people.

She released her first self- produced CD in June 2008. Several songs from that album have been played on internet radio stations and have placed in various competitions.

In March 2009 she joined an online community of composers. This opened doors for her to work with all kinds of musicians, writers, and producers from all over the world.

In September 2009, Jacqueline signed with the Oklahoma based music label, Tate Music Group where she produced her latest CD "Superhuman".

While making time for her music is a constant challenge, she has a drive and a sense of purpose that can't be held down. Knowing that her talents are a gift from God, she seeks to honor Him in all her endeavors. Jacqueline's longing to help others through their struggles, and draw them closer to the love of Christ continues to drive her forward.

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First Baptist Church of Downers Grove
929 Maple Avenue
Downers Grove, Illinois 60515