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One of the biggest mistakes about resume writing is forgetting to tailor your resume to the specific job position you are applying for. A lot of job seekers usually send generic resumes for every position. But as there are no two candidates that are exactly the same, there are no two equal jobs. For example, if you’re applying for the CEO position in different companies – a small computing startup, nonprofit or Proctor and Gamble – your duties and challenges may differ greatly, as each company has its own size, organization, scope and needs as well.

Experienced employers can spot right away whether the resume you submit is generic and run-of-the-mill or it’s specifically targeted to what you’re seeking. Besides HR managers think if a candidate doesn’t take his time to tailor a resume, why they would spend their time on reading it. Furthermore, in today’s computer age most companies scan resumes via resume tracking system to capture necessary keywords. The keywords found on your resume should match the buzzwords listed on a job description of the open position. If the system finds those multiple matches, your resume moves further. But if you neglect to use keywords that are connected to your position or industry, your resume may be invisible for resume databases, so you can seek help from professional resume writers. Even if an employer scans your resume himself, he tries to make a quick determination and decide whether you have the required experience, skills and qualifications. Recruiters are busy people and they don’t like to waste their time trying to figure out whether the candidate fits the position. A professionally written tailored resume can easily go through a 20-second scanning process and is more likely to win the game.

Tailoring your resume for each job does not necessarily mean you have to make huge modifications. It means you just need to make small adjustments so that it looks targeted for the job you’re applying. Here are some steps that will help you tailor your current resume:

1. Study the company to which you are applying. Do research on a company and try to absorb as much useful information as possible. A lot of companies spend much time, money and effort on compiling their PR profiles for visitors. Carefully study repeated phrases and words, taglines and hints. Understanding how the company works, its values and needs will help you format your resume. Just mirror some of their values and language in your resume. For instance, if the company is involved into commitment service include information about any volunteer activities on your resume or use professional resume writing services. Also make sure to include keywords they use to describe their employees and themselves as well.

2. Compose an eye-catching objective statement where you clearly state the position you’re applying for and the name of the company. This will immediately inform a prospective employer what you’re aiming at.

3. Create an effective position-oriented summary of qualifications. This section should contain brief statements describing why you are the best candidate for the position and motivate an employer to keep reading your resume.

4. Your education, work experience and additional skills should also be tailored, so be careful when including information in these sections as every word counts.

5. Check your resume several times for any mistakes and errors. If you’re still unsure about your resume, delegate it to a professional resume writer. Hiring a writer can make a huge impact in your job hunt. Like any other expert, resume writers are experts at what they do.

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