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JAM On It Productions

About JAM On It Productions JAM On It is kept together by the support of the people that continuously attend our gatherings and events (you!). We are a small group of friends and family from Southern and Northern California that come together to enjoy music, dancing, art, nature, fellowship, and to experience life in a positive way.

We've been doing this since the Summer of 2000 and will continue to do it as long as we can. You can find us in the forest, the desert, a warehouse, or a city club. Regardless of the venue, you will find us on the dance floor surrounded by friends and smiling faces.

Slinky (Slinky Family Gathering) is a labor of love; a project put on by individuals with an intense appreciation for music, dance, and community. When we gather, we come together as one. Originating from all different areas of the world and all different walks of life, music is the glue that binds us together. Music is a language ubiquitously understood by all. The beats, the rhythm, the vocals, and the feelings that music evokes are universal. We gather to express our happiness and enjoyment of life and each other through music and dance.